TRUNX Roof Cargo Carrier – XL-Extra Long (18 CuFt)

The 18 CuFt Extra Long TRUNX Roof Cargo Carrier was designed for over-sized gear you can’t leave behind – snow skis, snowboards, golf clubs and circus stilts.

  • Overpack, It’s Okay – 18 cu ft. of TRUNX space. It’s probably easier to list things that don’t fit.
  • No-Tool Belt Installation – Simple U-bolt mounting system securely attaches to most crossbar systems (square, round, aero) that do not exceed 3.75” in width.
  • Silence is Golden – Secure mounting eliminates rattling and whistling during highway driving.
  • Rest Assured – Dual locks and redundant bail latch system keep your belongings on the car and off the road.
  • All Access- Side access opening for side and rear access to load and unload
  • Size Matters – 84.26”L x 39”W x 14.9”
  • So Does Weight – Store Up to 110lbs

What Does My Car Need to Fit a Roof Cargo Carrier?

The simple answer is cross rails.  Your vehicle may already have them installed, but if you don’t, they are easy to get.  You can have cross rails specific to your vehicle installed at a car dealership or there are several universal, self-install options available in stores and online.

TRUNX Roof Cargo Carriers are compatible with Aero, Round, and Square cross rail shapes that do not exceed 3.75″ in width.

Aero Cross Bars@2x
Round Cross Bars@2x
Square Cross Bars@2x

What Size Box is Right for Me?

Here’s a quick visual guide below.  Some things to consider when shopping for the right size.

  • How much gear do you need to take?
  • Avoid significant overhang over the front or back of your car
  • For SUVs you want a size that will still allow you to access your hatch back.
  • Do you need to fit into a garage or car port with height restrictions.
SUV 18ft XL resized XL Box on SUV

Assembly & Installation

Assembly & Installation

Download Instruction Booklet (PDF)